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About US

Your Trusted Accountant

With thousands of hours of experience, our team of local Chartered Accountants and bookkeepers can provide you an affordable one stop source for all your paperless office, bookkeeping and taxation needs.


At OziDesktop we want to make bookkeeping and accounting fun. Talking to your accountant doesn't have to be boring. Our team of new generation accountants, passionate about numbers and technology have combined these two passions to create a company which embraces cloud accounting in combination with industry specific add-ons which are easy to use to deliver meaningful insights to your business.

In addition to the financial side, we believe our clients need to be healthy mentally and physically to tackle the challenges of running a business. With our principal's experience in document management at several prominent legal offices, we know how to change your office to a clean, zen and clutter-free working environment with easy accessibility to documents wherever you may be.


Our ultimate goal is to assist clients with achieving both personal and business goals. We want all our clients to be healthy, be in control of their business while being able to spend time with their loved ones or perhaps pursue their hobby to the next level. We encourage month end reporting irrespective of size to provide an indication where the strengths are, where the weaknesses lie and how to approach them. We want our clients to be vocal about their worries so we can manage them together.


  We provide taxation and wealth creation strategies to individuals, sole traders, businesses and investors tailored to their financial appetite. We take every step of the way with you to reach your financial goals so you are not alone on the journey. 

If you are interested in sharing what your goals are and getting some feedback on how to go about it, please feel free to contact us.



We'll Be In Touch With You Shortly




Gone are the days, I will photocopy it and mail you a copy!

At OziDesktop, our name tells it all.

We offer desktop solution for your office and by that we mean we organise a document management system tailored to your industry, apply the right coding to enable superior search functionality and best of all, you will have every document on the go so long you have access to the cloud.



Let Us Keep You Organised

Our passionate team of local bookkeepers are here to offer you professional low cost accounts keeping. Our bookkeepers service the Brisbane and Melbourne metropolitan area. We offer every client a personalised bookkeeping service to meet all their needs whether big or small. Call us now to get your books organised.


Get a second opinion

Once the numbers are all in check, we recommend our clients to reflect what has happened during the month. We look at the numbers in more detail, pin point what has worked and what hasn't, identify areas for growth and get honest with the overall picture. 

Sometimes we all want to convince ourselves things are going well but only the numbers will tell you exactly how you went. This regular monitoring and review of the books will provide you a better indication of what to consider as a Plan B or perhaps get a little more aggressive in certain areas. 



Benefit from our experience


Our team of local Chartered Accountants can provide you sound taxation advice at a fraction of large accounting firms' fees. Our accountants have all worked at mid-tier accounting firms around the country. We believe our experience has given us solid foundation to truly understand what quality client service represents and our mission is to deliver this to every one of our valued clients. We service nationally and we work around your hours. Your time is precious to us and we want to be there when you need us. Call now and experience the difference.

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