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hR MAnagement

Rostering can become a full time job. 

Managing who is in, who can't come in on certain days, who is sick ,who is on annual can be overwhelming and we have partnered with Deputy to bring our clients the modern way of managing staffs using superior artificial intelligence.

No matter what sort of HR issues you may have, Deputy has the capability of managing it for you. Deputy will send the payroll information across to Xero or your SAAS of choice so no information needs to be re-entered, minimising the chance of data entry errors and staffs are paid based on their timesheet on Deputy after it has been approved by you.


Staffs will become more responsible for their hours worked and it takes away the stress of managing their hours for them especially when staffs work at different locations. The app will track staffs by their GPS and face recognition so nobody can sign on for one another, unless they look identical of course!

Deputy will also crunch all the payroll data over time to work out who works best on certain days, who may have overworked for the week and whose hours are pushing their agreed limit for the week etc.

For as little as $1 per month, we believe a small investment will pay off big times in the long run. 

With so many multinational corporates already on board, why not experience the modern way of HR management for yourself today on Deputy or for mobile employees TSheets by Quickbooks.

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