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After the bookkeeping is sorted, we want to address where the strengths and weaknesses lie with your business. We want to set achievable goals and objectives with you for the following period.


In today's challenging word of business, things change quickly, people have more options and competition is higher than ever so we always remind our clients being adaptable and being honest with their numbers is a must to survive.

We strongly encourage regular catch ups over the course of the financial year to make sure issues are attended to immediately before it is too late. 


Sometimes it pays to have a second pair of eyes look over the figures, discuss areas which can provide opportunities for growth and identify irregularities and question possible leakages in the business.

We will provide you Profit and Loss Reporting, Forecasting and Budgeting, Clinical Data KPI Reporting etc to ensure you understand you business inside out.

We use the excellent software packages to assist us in giving you the three way models and trends analysis you may not have considered.

Our mission is to deliver you reports which are meaningful so you can keep track on a detailed level how the business is going.

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